asabeAmerican Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers





ASABE is an organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food and biological systems. Your membership in ASABE will keep you up-to-date on emerging technologies, standards, accreditation and advances in a wide variety of specialties. Members of ASABE have multiple opportunities to connect with peers, stay informed, work smarter and advance their careers.

Find out more information on becoming a member and what ASABE does here.

Within the ASABE organization at UNL there are separate clubs that can take part in competitions. These include the Quarter-scale Tractor Team and the Fountain Wars Team. Teams meet separately from the school's ASABE meetings.

Some activities that ASABE at UNL has provided for its members in the past years are tours at places like T&L and the Meat & Animal Research Center. These opportunities give students a good insight as to what a possible future job might look like


Become Involved

To join UNL's ASABE you can attend one of the meetings. Meeting times are regularly the third Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. in Chase 112. Look for postings around Chase Hall for any changes on the meeting place or time. Or contact one of ASABE's advisors, Dr. Joe Luck, at or Dr. Rick Stowell at or the club's president, Lauren Wondra, at


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Running concession stands at the annual Power Drive Competition.