Student Spotlight: Emily Hubl


emily   Last summer Emily was involved in a research project through the USDA Agroecosystem Management Research Unit. This lab primarily focused on the growth of pathogens, including E. coli and Salmonella, found in different environments and conditions. “E. coli is a bacteria found in many animals and sometimes water systems,” she said. Emily was most surprised by how instant of an impact the research can make. Much of the work she was involved with affected a wide range of people, from farmers who they collected the samples from, to the consumers who eat the food. Overall, being able to reduce the amount of outbreaks or possibly even eliminate them could have an outstanding impact.

Emily really enjoyed being able to apply what she learned in class to a real life setting. Before this job she was unsure about what emphasis area to go in to, but the experience helped guide her towards deciding on biomedicine.




Favorite ice cream flavor from the Dairy Store: Butter Brickle

Words of Wisdom: "Become as involved as you can"