Student Spotlight: Lauren Wondra


Lauren    Lauren is working on a project with Dr. Jones and Dr. Bashford through the Biomedical Imaging and Biosignal Analysis (BIBA) Laboratory. Her research consists of working with the USDA's Meat and Animal Research Center on analyzing data points taken on the physiological traits of cows. These traits are effects of environmental factors such as solar, temperature, humidity, provided shade, etc. “I then use MATLAB to analyze the data given and find a threshold where data goes from just being data to serious danger,” explains Lauren. The key with finding the threshold is then being able to determine what the factor is that is causing a threat to the cows. They will then be able to give this information to farmers and feedlot managers as a personalized plan.

Aside from her research Lauren is currently working on structuring an online physics class, as well, as being a Teaching Assistant for BSEN 212A. When talking about graduate school she notes that her options are still open.



Favorite ice cream flavor from the Dairy Store:
Raspberry Chocolate Chip

    Words of Wisdom: "Be your own advocate", "There's never an exact right time to do anything, so just go for it"