Student Spotlight: Luke Prosser


Luke  This summer Luke started an internship through Dr. Kranz involving irrigation pump efficiency research. The overall goal of the research is to develop an efficiency rating for the pumps that is along the lines of an energy star guide. The purpose of this is so the efficiency can be marketed along with the pumps and then the consumers can understand what size of pump they should buy based on their needs. “We want to make the efficiency more readily accessible,” said Luke. The developed energy star guide will be for the overall pumping plant which includes the motor, pump, and any drives that need to be attached.

One of their research goals is to record on the center pivot systems the flow rates at various points in a field, power use, pumping pressure, and water level height. “We can then analyze the data to develop the guide to see how efficiency is affected by pumping height and various other factors from the location of the pivot,” explains Luke. To go about this they will use an ultrasonic flow meter to measure the flow rate, a transducer for the pressure, and a water level transducer will be used for the pumping height.




Favorite ice cream flavor from the Dairy Store: Butter Brickle

Words of Wisdom: "Be open-minded about early-on classes and have patience that it will come together later"