Student Spotlight: Maggie Clay


Maggie     Maggie is very interested in biomechanics, studying the motion of the human body. Biomechanics includes areas such as, prosthetics, gate analysis and physical training.  Along with this interest Maggie is planning on becoming a doctor, which is why she is minoring in Biomedical Engineering.

    She is currently working under Dr. Melander for the summer and helping with youth extension and outreach. Her main job is to run a camp and create lesson plans every Monday at Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora called Madscience Mondays. The camp consists of two hours of hands on activities and experiments that consist of a different topic each Monday. Some of the past topics have included space/ flight, where they made paper airplanes, and medicine/health, where they covered the five senses with an obstacle course. Along with this, Maggie also helps with various extension events for UNL. Maggie’s summer job is helping her pursue her goals because she is planning on becoming a pediatrician. So not only is she gaining experience with kids for her future, but she gets to work with science related topics that can relate to her major.


   Favorite ice cream flavor from the Dairy Store: Vanilla

   Words of Wisdom: "College is about finding yourself; don't be afraid to pursue what you're interested in"