Students that are involved in the Quarter-scale Tractor Design Competition are able to gain practical experience in the design of drive train systems, tractor performance, manufacturing processes, analysis of tractive forces, weight transfer and strength of materials. Communication, leadership, teamwork, fundraising, and test and development skills are also improved from competing.

Teams are provided a 31 hp Briggs & Stratton engine along with a set of Titan tires. The design of the tractor is then up to the students. Tractors will be judged by their innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, maneuverability, safety, sound level, and ergonomics. There is also a written design report, as well as, a formal presentation.
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The A-Team, which consists of upper-classmen, got 12th place overall.
Team Presentation: 9th
Written Design: 23rd
Design Judging: 17th
Tractor Pull: 4th
Maneuverability: 16th
A-Team Captains were Austin Zimmerman and Noel Menard
Rules and Regulations


UNL's 2013 Quarter-scale Tractor Design X-Team

The X-Team is made up of under-classmen and they received 2nd place overall
Written Design: 3rd
Team Presentation: 5th
Tractor Pull: 3rd
Team members included Micah Bolin, Bob Olsen, and Ethan Mosel
Rules and Regulations

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To become a part of the 2014 Quarter-scale Tractor Team contact the team's advisers, Dr. Roger Hoy at rhoy2@unl.edu or Dr. Joe Luck at jluck2@unl.edu. All majors are welcome.



SolidWorks, Kentucky Corn Growers Association, igus, Briggs and Stratton, CNH, John Deere, Caterpillar, Claas, Titan Tires, GSI, AGCO, ASABE, and Campbell Scientific.