Student Spotlight: Skylar Falter


Skylar   Skylar first started studying abroad in 2010-2011 during the academic year, where she went to China to study the language. China is one of the more affordable study abroad programs through UNL, which is why she originally chose it, but since then she has fallen in love with the people and culture. Because of this love she has gone to China a total of four times and is planning her fifth trip this upcoming fall of 2013. Each trip she takes intensive language classes while there, however, during her next trip she is planning on taking science classes as well as more language classes. Skylar is also planning on interning at a farm while taking classes there.

While studying the Chinese language Skylar became very interested in the agricultural practices in China. “The most interesting part is they don’t have very many industrial machines to harvest crops,” she noted. Most of the farming that takes place in China is done by hand. Each farm plot is smaller in size compared to the plots in the U.S. However, each plot of land in China has a much wider diversification of crops.

This agricultural interest has Skylar planning on attending graduate school at Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University in China after she graduates from UNL. She is interested in specializing in water saving irrigation techniques. If Skylar decides to not attend grad school she will instead do independent research in China for a year. “Then I can bring back what I learned to bridge the cultural gap between China and the U.S. to better agricultural and scientific practices,” she said. She plans on conducting this research through funding from the Fullbright Scholar Program.



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    Words of Wisdom: "Don't let classes get in the way of your learning. There are learning opportunities outside of the classroom and even outside of the country that don't necessarily relate to your major. Take a risk"