Extension Personnel & Programming

As part of the University's service to the State of Nebraska, these faculty and staff extend the knowledge and research of UNL to the citizens of the state. Lincoln faculty have statewide responsibility, while faculty located at the Research and Extension Centers work in their districts.

Bruce Dvorak, Environmental Infrastructure Engineer; drinking water treatment and supply 

Tom Franti, Surface Water Management Engineer; Conservation buffers, Rain Gardens

John Hay, Extension Educator; bioenergy and biofuels

Suat Irmak, Water Resources Engineering; pressurized and gravity irrigation systems

Paul Jasa, Extension Engineer; no-till system management and precision agriculture, extension education

William Kranz, Extension Irrigation Engineer; Northeast Research and Extension Center

Joe Luck, Precision Agriculture Engineer; farm management software, UNL precision ag

Derrel Martin, Irrigation and Water Resources Engineer; groundwater quality, Watershed Lab

Jennifer Melander, Biomedical Engineering; Science, Technolgy, Engineering, and Math Youth Education

Amy Schmidt, Animal Waste Management; nutrient and manure management and water quality

David Shelton, Soil and Water Conservation; Northeast Research and Extension Center

Rick Stowell, Animal Environmental Engineer; animal facility ventilation, odor control

Simon van Donk, Extension Irrigation Engineer; West Central Research and Extension Center

Wayne Woldt, Environmental Engineer; on-site wastewater treatment, Wellhead Protection