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Two of our majors are the nationally renowned and accredited educational programs in Agricultural Engineering and Biological Systems Engineering at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. The third major, Mechanized Systems Management, offers degree programs at the undergraduate and masters levels. Department Research and Extension programs provide education and information to the state, region, nation, and world.

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In the News

Dr. Pannier

Dr. Angela Pannier receives NSF award to aid in her continued work on developing a gene delivery tool.

Angela Pannier, a UNL biological systems engineer, is using nanotechnology to develop a gene delivery tool. Employing DNA that codes for genes to correct genetic problems, treat disease or aid healing holds tremendous potential, but finding an effective, safe method of delivering genes to cells remains a significant hurdle. Read more.

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 DylanSenior Dylan Smith awarded sponsorship for trip to Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference and Germany

Dylan Smith, an agricultural engineer, was one out of thirty students in the United States to receive the CLAAS of America sponsorship to attend the Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. He was also awarded a all-expense-paid trip to Germany based off of his winning essay.
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