Firnaaz Ahamed

Firnaaz Ahamed

Contact Information:

East Campus (Lincoln)
218 L.W. Chase Hall
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Professional Memberships:

Postdoctoral researcher and computational chemical engineer

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Monash University, B.Eng. (Hons.)
  • Chemical Engineering, Taylor's University


  • PhD, CEng MIChemE


  • 100% research

Areas of Research and Professional Interest

  • Metabolic modeling
  • Multi-omics data integration
  • Cybernetic modeling
  • Advanced data-driven modeling
  • Microbiome network inference
  • Population balance modeling
  • Cellulose bioprocess modeling 
  • Model-model and data-model integration
  • Chemical engineering sciences

Research Profiles:

Selected Publications

  • F. F. Lo, K.-W. Kow, F. Kung, F. Ahamed, P.-L. Kiew, S.-P. Yeap, H.-S. Chua, C.-H. Chan, R. Yusoff, Y.K. Ho. (2021). Effect of magnetic field on nano-magnetite composite exhibits in ion-adsorption. Science of the Total Environment.
  • F. Ahamed, H.-S. Song, Y.K. Ho. (2021). Modelling Coordinated Enzymatic Control of Saccharification and Fermentation by Clostridium thermocellum During Consolidated Bioprocessing of Cellulose. Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • F. Ahamed. (2020). Modelling Consolidated Bioprocessing of Cellulose via Population Balances Coupled with Cybernetic Models. Monash University
  • F. Ahamed, M. Singh, H.-S. Song, P. Doshi, C.W. Ooi, Y.K. Ho. (2020). On the use of sectional techniques for the solution of depolymerization population balances: Results on a discrete-continuous mesh. Advanced Powder Technology
  • F. Ahamed, H.-S. Song, C.W. Ooi, Y.K. Ho. (2019). Modelling heterogeneity in cellulose properties predicts the slowdown phenomenon during enzymatic hydrolysis. Chemical Engineering Science.
  • F. Ahamed, S.W. Phang, T.S. Lee, (2016). Mechanical Behaviour of Thermoplastic Starch / Montmorillonite / Alumina Trihydrate Nanocomposites. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology.