Student Spotlight: PJ Hildebrand

Calendar Icon Mar 18, 2022     

  1. What is your major? Biological Systems Engineering, Food and Bioprocessing
  2. What year are you in? Junior
  3. What is your hometown? Mendon, IL
  4. What made you interested in Biological Systems Engineering? The ability to have an impact on the world food supply and help feed people across the globe.
  5. Are you involved in any extracurriculars? I work part-time at the UNL Food Processing Center, I am the VP of Administration for the Engineering Student Advisory Board (eSAB), I am a BSE Ambassador, and I serve on the BSE Student Advisory Board.
  6. What is your dream job? Pertaining to my major, my dream job is to be a VP of Operations at a large food processing/manufacturing company. I want to use my engineering skills to solve problems and collaborate with others. However, my dream job since I was a kid is to be an astronaut.
  7. What do you like to do in your free time? I really enjoy playing golf and cooking!
  8. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? You'll never know what you actually want to do with your life until you're doing it. This has motivated me to get outside of my comfort zone and never be afraid to try new things.
  9. If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance theme song be? Rollin' by Big & Rich.
  10. What fictional world or place would you like to visit? Definitely Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

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