Stowell Extension

Sample Educational Programs:

Heat-Stress Mitigation for Dairy Cattle
Rick collaborates in developing regional extension materials on cooling cows using improved airflow and evaporative cooling techniques. Educational activities include field days at commercial dairy farms and participation in the Extension Dairy Group's spring dairy program.

Ventilation Clinics
Enhancing farm managers' and employees' abilities to properly manage existing ventilation systems is the focus of this program. Topical information on ventilation systems and components is presented at interactive meetings where a significant proportion of time is allocated to addressing individual producer questions and problems. Rick is working with Extension specialists from neighboring states to utilize a mobile teaching lab to provide hands-on training on the use of mechanical ventilation components and controls in 2003.

Animal Facilities
Rick collaborates with specialists in Animal Sciences to support and offer a variety of management programs. The most recent program offering was a Swine Farrowing School that was offered to producers at several locations in the state. Upcoming programs include a Swine Breeding & Gestation School for producers and a program for veterinarians on Ventilation of Nursery Facilities.

Odor Control
Rick supports group efforts within BSE to provide information and educational opportunities to animal producers and community residents regarding odors and odor control. He provides information regarding odor emissions and control in the ventilation process.


Richard R. Stowell

Associate Professor of Biological Systems Engineering

Office: 215 L.W. Chase Hall
Phone: (402) 472-3912