Rogers Memorial Farm

Flex-Ro at Rogers Memorial Farm

The Rogers Memorial Farm is a no-till research farm owned by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is operated through the Department of Biological Systems Engineering in cooperation with several other University departments and USDA agencies.

The Rogers Memorial Farm is typical of many small dryland farms in southeast Nebraska. It is a half section farm (about 300 acres) and is located approximately 10 miles east of Lincoln, Nebraska. Several University classes use the farm as an outdoor laboratory for real-life situations and experiences.

The terrain consists of two-thirds of sloping, terraced hills, while the other third is fairly flat, with two creeks, one to the south and the other on the east. The silty clay loam soils have fairly slow infiltration rates and show evidence of past erosion. The Department of Biological Systems Engineering has dedicated this farm to soil and water conservation activities, evaluating and demonstrating both cultural and structural practices.

Stuart Hoff is the Rogers Memorial Farm Manager.

Crops are raised using no-till tillage systems with rotations of corn-soybeans-soybeans on the level bottomland, soybeans-grain sorghum-soybeans-wheat on the sloping, terraced uplands, and some grain sorghum-soybeans in between.

  • Corn - about 25 acres
  • Soybeans - about 150 acres
  • Grain sorghum - about 40 acres
  • Wheat - about 35 acres

Both a 6- x 30-inch row-spacing planter and a 24- x 7.5-inch row-spacing drill are used for soybean and grain sorghum seeding. Crop rotations minimize insect and disease problems and allow for herbicide rotation in the weed control program.
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Barn at Rogers Memorial Farm
Barn at Rogers Memorial Farm
Service buildings Rogers Memorial Farm
Service Buildings at Rogers Memorial Farm