Roberto Lenton

Emeritus Proffesor, Water for Food

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Hydrology and Water Resource Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Hydrology and Water Resource Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Honors and Awards

  • Robert B. Daugherty Chair in the Global Water for Food Institute (2012)
  • Honorary L.L.D. from University of Dundee, Scotland (2010)

Selected Publications

  • Roberto Lenton, “Can We Achieve Global Food Security Without Compromising the Use of Water to Meet Other Human and Environmental Needs?” in Food Safety, Security, and Defense: Focus on Food and Water. Tucson, AZ and Washington DC: Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP).  2014
  • Roberto Lenton, “Irrigation in the 21st Century: Reflections on Science, Policy and Society,” Irrigation and Drainage, Volume 63, Issue 2, Pages 154-157, 2014. 
  • Roberto Lenton, “Innovations to Improve Water Productivity – Reflections,” in “At the Confluence: Selection from the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm,” edited by Jan Lundqvist, Aquatic Procedia, Volume 1, pp 168-171. Amsterdam: Elsevier B.V. 2013
  • Jesse Starita, Mohamed Dahab and Roberto Lenton, “Drought Hits the Heartland of USA” – Stockholm Water Front Magazine–A Forum for Global Water Issues. No. 4, Page 6, December 2012.
  • Lenton, Roberto and Jon Lane, “Sanitation and hygiene for all by 2050,” chapter in Environmental and Water Resources 2050 Vision, Environmental and Water Resources 2050 Vision Initiative, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2012.
  • Roberto Lenton, “In Search of a Water Revolution: Robert Chambers and his work on Canal Irrigation Management,” chapter in Revolutionizing Development: Reflections on the Work of Robert Chambers, Andrea Cornwall and Ian Scoones (Editors), London and Sterling, VA: Earthscan, May 2011
  • Lenton, Roberto, “Integrated Water Resources Management,” in Peter Wilderer (ed.), Treatise on Water Science, Volume 1, pp 9-21, Oxford: Academic Press, 2011