Graduation with Distinction

College of Engineering (COE)

GPA requirements for engineering students to graduate with levels of distinction are:

  • Distinction: 3.750 – 3.849
  • High Distinction: 3.850 – 3.949
  • Highest Distinction: 3.950 – 4.000

For engineering students to graduate with Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction, they must meet the GPA levels listed above, and be approved by a majority vote of the faculty in the department offering their respective academic program. The GPA level is based on the cumulative GPA earned in the semester prior to the semester in which the student graduates.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR)

In recognition of outstanding academic excellence, CASNR recommends the bachelors degree With Distinction, With High Distinction, and With Highest Distinction. Recommendations are made by the CASNR committee on Scholarship. To be eligible for consideration by the committee, undergraduate students must have completed 45 credit hours for a letter grade (excluding pass/no pass) at UNL prior to the semester in which they graduate, and must have completed 60 credit hours at UNL at the time they graduate. Learn more on the CASNR website.