Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Nebraska is a university-wide community of scholars--an intense intellectual experience for top students in a major research university setting. The Honors Program gives students who strive for academic excellence an opportunity to explore new knowledge through research, to participate actively in a process of discovery, and appreciate and respect a diversity of opinions.

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Honors FAQs

Question: The BSEN and AGEN curricula do not list many honors courses. So how do I fill my Honors Program requirements?

Answer: Instructors teaching 100, 200, 300, and 400-level courses that don’t show an honors section in

the Undergraduate Bulletin will generally “contract” to create an honors section for anyone needing honors credit. Please ask the instructor about this ahead of time, no later than the first week of classes.

Question: Do I have to do an Honors Thesis (499H) to fulfill the Honors Program requirements? Answer: No, you can do an Honors Design Project (480H) instead. But, it is very, very important to consult your adviser and the AGEN/BSEN 480 instructor for details if you are considering this option. This is because 480H and 499H are treated differently in your degree audit and senior check. Also, the expectations for 480H students are considerably greater than for the regular 480 students. Planning for 480H must be initiated at the beginning of AGEN/BSEN 470. Planning for AGEN/BSEN 499H should be started in your junior year. The AGEN/BSEN 499H is a preferred experience to the AGEN/BSEN 480H.

Question: Is graduating with “Distinction” different than graduating in the Honors Program?

Answer: Yes, it is very different! You do not have to be in the Honors Program to graduate with “Distinction.” You can graduate with either “Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction.” The top 6 percent (~>3.90 gpa) of the College of Engineering senior class may graduate with “Distinction.” The top 2 percent (~>3.98) can graduate with “High or Highest Distinction.” The difference between “High and Highest” depending on whether you have published a technical paper, done an honors thesis, or completed an honor project. Several other accomplishments could also qualify you for Highest Distinction. An application is necessary. See your adviser for details.

Question: Can I take Honors classes if I am not in the Honors Program?

Answer: Yes, if you have an invitation and have met the criteria for the honors class (e.g. MATH 107H,

PHYS 211H). Exceptions are the 189H and 395H seminars which are open only to Honors Program students.