Traumatic Brain Injury (Graduate Research Assistant)

Contact - Forrest Kievit
Students Needed:

Dr. Forrest Kievit’s lab in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, and as part of the Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering programs, at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is searching for a Ph.D. student with an interest in studying nanoparticle-based treatments for TBI. The student will work as part of Dr. Kievit’s research team ( exploring the effects of novel nanomaterials on the treatment of TBI with the goal of eventually translating into clinical use. Research opportunities include generation of mouse models of TBI, assessing animal behavior, and confocal imaging of nanoparticle distribution and changes in brain pathology, as well as gaining experience with manuscript and proposal writing.

Lincoln, Nebraska is a vibrant city with one of the top 10 downtowns and large number of parks and trails. Indeed, Lincoln was recently named the #2 top city with the highest quality of life by The Huffington Post. There is ample affordable housing available with a cost of living about 10% below the national average. Come check out one of the best college towns in the nation that is less than an hour from Omaha and an easy three-hour drive to Kansas City.

Desired Experiences:

  1. Small rodent behavioral analyses including Morris water maze and/or Barnes maze;
  2. Self-motivated and ability to work both independently and lead part of a team of graduate and undergraduate students;
  3. Excellent communication skills;
  4. Experience working with small rodent models of TBI is a plus;
  5. Knowledgeable of immunostaining and confocal imaging.

Interested individuals should send a CV and statement of interest that includes qualifications and career goals to prior to formal application into one of our programs.